The Lobster

This is a movie that can only make it on the indy circuit, it is so brilliantly bonkers. It stars Coin Farrell as a short sighted David, a single man sent to a hotel for a last chance to find a mate before being turned into an animal of his choice. We know the threat is real as he takes his brother with him in the shape of a collie dog. The hotel is run by a formidable Olivia Colman in a hotel where everyone wears the same uniform clothes and it is about as unromantic as those present are desperate. John ¬†befriends limping Ben Whishaw and lisping John C Reiley who are equally desperate but the pickings are all pretty thin. Farrel’s character chooses to become a lobster as they are long lived, and joins in the hunts to shoot singletons who escape into the woods, to win an extra day’s respite. The whole situation is completely deadpan, makes sense whilst making no sense.

David falls in with the loners in the woods, all old trees and moss, but with an occasional flamingo picking its way in the background. The whole is narrated by a voice which becomes that of the short sighted woman so they immediately bond, but this is forbidden so David has moved from one form of hell to another.

Comparisons have been made with Kafka, Beckett, Orwell, Kubrick, all of which are deserved, but there is a strong clear voice at work here. From time to time I paused to wonder why this? why.. but the story flowed steadily on, too well told to bother about such minor quibbles.

A brilliant indy film, with a great cast and some really odd ideas rattling round about who and what we are.


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