Different Drum

This is a great pop song from the late ’60s written by Monkee-to-be Mike Nesmith, made famous by the princess of the love gone wrong songs, Linda Rondstadt. At the time, females were still seen as the stay at home variety, with plenty of songs about young men hitting the road, so the idea of a woman freeing herself from a man’s reins is an unusual one. This clip of Linda with her backing band the Stone Poneys:

This is a more traditional country version by Nesmith himself:

Here’s the version that prompted this post, a sweaty shirtless live version by the Lemonheads, where the male singer is talking to a male partner. How much does each version change by the respective genders and apparent orientation? Are they just singing the words, or – as with most songs addressed by the singer to us – is there a personal element implied in the song?



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