I was not sure about seeing this, as it has been condemned by historians for including a fictitious character when there were plenty of real women who could have been in the cast list. But they seem to have been expecting a documentary rather than a really gripping drama which tried and largely succeeded to tell the story of the final campaign to obtain votes for women in England.  I loved it. Carey Mulligan is a real star, much stronger than her small frame suggests, and as hard working single mum who is drawn into the campaign.

Yes, there were parts that drifted towards cheesiness; there were events that were a bit too easy, too many coincidences, but Abi Morgan’s screenplay needs such tropes to get so much into a short film. There is a sense of Hollywood style tension building up towards the final, but that is what makes good drama. Because the fight for womens’ rights was long and hard and a lot of women suffered, sometimes with ill health and death. Before the credits run we see a list of dates for countries where women got the vote, with New Zealand being first shortly followed by Australia. There are some embarassingly late achievers and of course Saudi is still considering it. Ho hum.


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