Landscape and Admirals

This is a truly bizarre tale from The York Herald in 1806, and I can’t imagine any explanation for it:

“It is with satisfaction we learn that the County of Norfolk, ingratitude and affection to the memory of its dear, departed Nelson, has determined to place its column of commemoration at the native spot of the hero’s birth, Burnham Thorpe. It is worthy to remark here, that within a mile or two of Burnham Thorpe, stands the obscure village of Cockthorpe, a village of three houses, or rather of three hovels only, each of which produced from humblest village life its individual Admiral. The three Cockthorpe Admirals being Flag Offices of much renown; Sir Christopher Mimms, sir John Narborough ad sir Cloudsley Shovel…”

The last of these had a distinguished career, but is most famous for being in charge for one of the biggest naval disasters: Four warships sank off the Scilly Isles in terrible weather, with the loss of 1550 lives including his

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