Music to Destroy the Universe

Here’s an odd article from over a month back in the i newspaper by Emily Jupp:

“Norwegian art-rock outfit Gazpacho have announced details of their new album Molok along with the bold claim that a code at the end of the CD could cause the destruction of the universe.

I tried to talk it through with Thomas Andersen who does keyboards and programming for the band. Here’s the science bit. Anderson came up with the idea when he was watching a documentary on TV and discovered an electron has the potential to be in many places at once – but only if you can catch one at that moment in time it would be frozen in space. “So I thought,, if you caught all the electrons and all the motion was stopped would the universe start again or would it just freeze?”

he then contacted many physicists who began debating  whether the universe could be destroyed if you could calculate the position of al the electrons at once. Surprisingly, most of them think this is possible. The band then created a glitch in each one of their CDs; each glitch corresponds to a different number that could potentially correspond to the position of those electrons.

“The chances of destroying the universe are like winning the lottery 3 times in a row without participating in it,” says Anderson “but we have lots of very smart people having debates over these specs of dust that may destroy the universe. There are 300 billion galaxies in the universe. That’s really big and if you destroy that with a little sound on a CD that would be mindboggling.

If you want a chance to blow up the universe, Molok is released n Kscope on 23 October.

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