‘Butcher’ Cumberland Entertains

The Duke of Cumberland, 2nd son of George II became infamous north of the border for his massacre of the survivors of the Battle of Culloden in 1745. He died the year after this incident in 1764.

“On Saturday about 12 o’clock, his royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland entertained a company  with the following diversion: a stag was inclosed by toils in his Royal Highness’s paddock at Windsor and one of his tigers let loose at him: the tiger attempted to seize the stag by the haunch, but was beat off by his horns; a second tie he offered at his throat and the stag tossed him off again; a third time he offered to seize hm, but the stag threw him a considerable distance and then followed him, upon which the tiger turned tail ad ran under the toil into the forest among a herd of deer one of which he seized and killed him in a moment. Two Indians pursued him and whilst sucking the blood they threw over his head a sort of hood which blinded him; and they then put a collar round his neck; with chains and after feeding hi with part of the deer led hm away.

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