In the Good Old Days in Somerset

In Collinson’s History of Somerset, the full singular presentment & Order made by the Lord of the Manor of Severberges, in the 2nd year of Rich III, 2 women viz Arabella the wife of William Perry, and Alionora Slade, were presented for being scolds and fined 1d each which 2d were the whole perquisites of he court; and at the same time, an order for trhe court was made, that the tenants of the manor should not scold their wives under pain of forfeiting their tenaments and cottages. In 23rd Henry VIII an order was made, that tenants wives should not scold under the penalty of 6s 8d fine, half of which to go to repairs of the chapel, the other ½ to the lord of the manor. What would the ladies of the present times say to such an order if now enforced?


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