Captives Returned

Most people know about the Pirates of various nationality in the Caribbean, but few know of the many sailors captured by North African ships, attacking places like Cornwall, and the Bristol channel hunting merchants coming to the annual fairs. They even  took the whole town of Baltimore in Ireland. Sailors were held for ransom, or sometimes till death in the 17th and 18th century. This is what happened when King George I paid the ransom for some of them, and their gratitude. This is from 1721,  The Caledonian Mercury:

“We are informed that the redeemed captives from Sallee, of our own Nation to the number of 280, as their quarantain [sic] is expired, they will be brought in a Body to Town, through which they will march in solemn procession to St James, to return thanks to His Majesty, for redeeming them from slavery.

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