Young Love

This is a rare moment in Richard Gough’s History of Myddle when he mentions his own family. Most people think marriages in the past were arranged by parents and were between very young people, but at least from the Middle Ages, most couples had to work to provide the money to marry, so in England the age at marriage was the late 20’s, so this is quite unusual.

My sister (against consent of friends) marryed Mr Richard Glover, of Measbury. Shee has ishue by him a son named Richard (who some while served as an Attorny and is unmarryed,) and a daughter named Dorothy. She is maryied to Mr John Vaughan, of Lluin y Groise. This couple when they were marryed were so yong, that they could not make passing 30 years betweene them, and yett neither of them were constrained by parents to marry, butt they going to schoole togeather fell in love with one another, and soe married. They live lovingly together, and have many children.



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