Maypole Dispute

This is another slice of real life from The History of Myddle, by Richard Gough. I have kept his spellings as they are rather wonderful:

Not long after the restauration of King Charles the 2nd, the young people of Myddle, and some drunken fellows, were about setting up a May-pole neare the church stile in Myddle, and this Richard Ralphs, [parish clerk] spoke some words against them; upon which hee was brought before Francis Thornes, of Shelvoke, Esq., then justice of pace, and there it was deposed on oath, against him, that hee said it was as greate a sin to sett up a May-pole as it was to cut off the King’s head. (These words he denied, event o his dying day). Upon this, he was bond over to the Assizes, and there indicted for these treasonable words, and fined in 5 marks; and an order was made that he should louse his place.

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