Bowling Chums

This is a lovely piece abut curmudgeonly old men from The History of Myddle by Richard Gough:

Thomas Jukes was a bauling, bould, confident person; hee often kept company with his betters but shewd them noe more respect than if they had been his equalls or inferiors. Hee wa a great bowler, and often bowled with Sir Humphrey Lea att a bowling greene on Haremeare Heath, near the end of the Lea Lane; where hee would make noe more account of Sir Humphrey, than if hee had been a plow-boy. Hee would ordinarily tell him hee lyed, and soemtimes throw the ball att his head, and then they parted in wrath. But within a few days, sir Humphrey would ride to Newton, and take Jules with him to the bowles; and if they did not fall out, would hake him home and make him drunk.

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