Helpful Ants

This is from the i newspaper by Paul Peachey:

“Farmers who have harnessed the collective power of the humble ant have proved more successful at controlling pests than those using chemicals, according research…

Farmers in tropical forests have caught, cultivated and trained colonies of ants to patrol tropical forests to kill bigger pests with remarkable results, according to a review of 70 studied on the ant.

The results of studies in Asia, Africa and Australia have suggested that European farmers could do more to use the low-cost option to protect fruit crops, according to the paper in the Journal of Applied Ecology.

“Ants are great hunters, and they work cooperative.y. When an ant finds its prey, it uses pheromones to summon help from other ants in the nest,” said Dr Joachim Offenberg, of Aarhus University in Denmark. “By working together, they can subdue even large pests.”

A review of cashew nut crops in Australia found pest control by ants was nearly 50% more successful than conventional pesticides. The crop quality was also higher, which led to a 71% increase in income, the study found. the studies of 50 pest species showed that ants protected crops including cocoa, citrus and palm oil at least as efficiently as chemicals.

Dr Offenberg, who has studied ants for almost 20 years, suggested that apple growers in Europe could save money by using wood ants to tackle winter moths. ”

Sounds a lot safer than GM and no nasty multinationals trousering profits from it.


2 thoughts on “Helpful Ants

  1. It is either incredibly inspiring that we have these other more effective and healthy alternatives or incredibly dispiriting that we have them and don’t implement them…I guess we have to wait until Monsanto figures out how to profit off of the ants work? depressing.

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