Animal Espionage

Back in the Middle Ages, animals were put on trial for causing all sorts of mayhem. It seems the world of espionage is heading back to the past. This is an article from last Friday’s i newspaper, Deep Under cover: Israeli ‘spy dolphin’ is captured:

Hamas naval commanders claimed to have intercepted the latest advance in international espionage: a fully equipped Israeli spying dolphin.

the militant Palestinian Islamist group claimed that the Israelis deployed the underwater investigator a few weeks ago and fitted it with the spying-equipment, including cameras.

According to Hammas, the dolphin was equipped with a device that could fire small arrows to kill or seriously injure swimmers or divers.

In a further bizarre twist, the Iranian Fars news agency said that the dolphin was in fact a robot, although it offered no evidence to support this claim.

Originally reported in the Palestinian daily paper Al-Quds, the aquatic agent was apparently ‘stripped of its will’ and had bee turned into a ‘murderer’ by Mossad..

The fate of this espionage-inclined animal is as yet unknown and no photos have so far been released.

Israel does have a number of German-made Dolphin submarines but it is not known to use marine mammals in its naval exercises.

The US navy has a dolphin and sea-lion training programme and is believed to use them to detect mines.

According to The Atlantic magazine, the Soviet Union set up a rival dolphin programme during the Cold War in what Viktor Baranets, a retired Russian colonel, called ‘a dolphin arms race’.

Soviet dolphins were reportedly used in kamikaze missions – planting explosives on enemy ships. In 2013 3 of these killer dolphins, at that time managed by the Ukranian navy, escaped into the Black Sea, according to Business Insider.

Of course they did.

Other animal spies:
2013 A stork was captured in Egypt after suspicions of spying. It was later cooked and eaten.,

2012 Sudan left red-faced after an eagle captured as as suspected ‘spy’ turned out to be ‘just a bird’

2012 A bee-eater bird caused a stir in Turkey when it was found dead wearing a leg ring marked ‘Israel’

2011 Saudi officials detained a vulture fitted with a GPS tracker from Tel Aviv university,sparking hysteria about a Zionist plot

2010 Israel forced to deny a series of Egyptian shark attacks was a Mossad plot

2007 Iran arrested 14 so-called ‘spy squirrels’ that were apparently equipped with eavesdropping devices.

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