Horse Troughs and Bedspreads

When I was researching the history of water supplies I often noted how similar horse troughs are to old stone coffins and thought they might be related. This is from Highways and Byways of Oxford and the Cotswolds:

“In the days when, to quote a popular historian, “the halls of country-halls were hung with altar-cloths; tables and beds were quilted with copes; when the knights and squires drank their claret out of chalices, and watered their horses in marble coffins,” it went hard with the sacred vestments; a generation or two of domestic wear and tear, and what was left of them? Among country parishes, I know of one other that can boast a relic of this kind.”

This was not a Reformation. It was sheer vandalism and England has suffered for all these losses whilst lots of people got rich in the short term.

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