Animals in Glass

This is some more from Highways and Byways of Oxford and the Cotswolds, From Yarnton church:

Alderman Fletcher “was a notable collector of antiquities and particularly of old stained glass, some of which may be seen in the great window of the picture gallery at the Bodleian. almost all the coloured quarries in the windows of this church are his gift, for he loved Yarnton, his “childhood’s home”, as he calls it in the inscription on his tomb. Much of this glass appears to be of foreign origin, but there is in the windows of the north wall of the nave a curious set of birds with English mottoes, each one depicted on a small quarry of its own;p for instance, a hen, in a fashionable head-dress of the 15th century with a gauze veil hanging down her neck, and the motto “greete richlyng greete” (ie, weep, lament); a kind of tit girt with belt and key like a cellarer, and holding a flat dish  in its claw, motto “Who blamyth this ale?” and an owl ringing a bell with the legend “ye schall praye for the Fox.”

What were they drinking back then?


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