The Wisdom of Pigeons?

This is a contradiction in terms as I believe that pigeons are about the stupidest creatures on the planet.

There is a nest of peregrine falcons on the tower of Cardiff Town Hall, where pigeons are generally the food of choice. A man from the RSPB who set up binoculars so the public can watch the nest pointed out to me how pigeons  are often seen within inches of the nest, round the corner of the tower, which he claimed shows how stupid they are.

Does it?

Peregrines hunt by going into a steep dive, hence they are the fastest birds on record. They don’t kill – so far as I know – by hopping round the cornice of a tower. So the pigeons are probably in the safest place for them, within insulting distance of their predators whilst being immune from attack. At least I think so.

So maybe being close to our enemies is the safest place to be.

That said, a couple of pigeons being savvy doesn’t stop them being mostly stupid.

2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Pigeons?

  1. I got a nasty shock once when working on the top floor of a library. Happened to glance up at the windows set under the eaves, only to see a row of pigeon bums all roosting happily there!


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