The Anderton Boat Lift

anderton boat lift 1 (2)

This is a huge iron beast that crouches like a giant spider between the River Weaver and the Trent and Mersey Canal some 50 foot above. It was built in 1875by Edwin Clark to allow goods, especially Wedgewood china to make a shorter trip from inland factories to the ports of Liverpool and beyond. It is one of only two such lifts in the country and only a few worldwide.

When the canals were overtaken by trains, the beast fell into decline, and was derelict by 1983 but supporters rescued it and is now a popular tourist destination. It’s a fantastic thing to ride in a boat in, and scary that the whole weight of water and boats is supported by a single steel column. This is the view from inside going up:

and boat lift lifting

side view showing entrance to the canal.

anderton boat lift

The entrance weir from the top:

anderton weir

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