Do You Own the Dancefloor?

This is a documentary that will be released soon, about the end of the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester which gave rise to the Madchester music scene of the 1990s. It went bankrupt and was demolished for yet another block of inner city flats, but everything was auctioned to raise fund for charity. I heard an interview that the bidding was going slowly so they got Peter Hooke to be auctioneer and eh started inventing bids from his mates so it turned into a major piece of performance art.

The filmmaker, who owns a piece of the dancefloor thought it might be interesting to see if he could track down people who own other parts of the former building. He tapped into a close knit community, who all own parts of the building rom toilets and steel girders to single bricks.

One to watch out for:

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