Saying the Unsayable: Kate Bornstein

Here’s another piece from last week’s New Statesman, edited by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, on Saying the Unsayable. This is from American writer Kate Bornstein:

“The top Five Absolutely True Thins I Had to Cut Out of My Memoir Because My Publisher’s Lawyers Said Scientology Would Sue My Ass Off:

5. We all thought L. Ron Hubbard looked like Jabba the Hutt.

4. Yep, Scientology is all about the money and the power.

3. David Miscavige, the current leader of Scientology, is a short little guy with bad hair and a raging Napoleon complex.

2. Scientologists are dour killjoys who make Puritans look like happy-go-lucky partygoers.

1. L Ron Hubbard was afraid of dentists, so he had yellow, rotting teeth and breath that could kill.

Wow, it feels SO GOOD to finally say all that. Thanks, New Statesman, and good luck with all the lawsuits.

4 thoughts on “Saying the Unsayable: Kate Bornstein

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