Behind Danny Collins

I just heard this – a true story that the re Al Pacino film is based on – sort of.

When 21 year old folk singer Steve Tillotson released his first album, Acoustic Confusion in 1971 he gave an interview to Zig Zag magazine in which they asked him if he thought immense wealth would impact on his creativity, and he said he thought it would. John Lennon wrote to the magazine to tell Steve that he and Yoko had both known wealth and hardship, and that life always threw up interesting situations, so not destroyed their creativity. He included his home phone number, suggesting he wanted Steve to call him, but this letter never got passed on.

Steve published his autobiography, and mentioned this incident, which went viral, was picked up by Hollywood, and ..Steve has met Pacino, really likes him and is pleased the story is out there. Sort of.

Here’s Steve’s web page. I think he’s done pretty well without Lenon’s advice.

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