Sisters are Pulling for Themselves

An article in yesterday’s I newspaper was about the high numbers of young people taking on careers as pub landlords, with numbers under 34 years old rising by a quarter every one of the last 3 years. Barclay’s bank claims that of 8,000 business customers in the “Pubs and Bars” sector, people aged 25-34 now make up 15% of the total, making up  almost half of those opened in the last 3 years. Since 2012 turnover in pubs has increased, probably due to a rise in the growing popularity of craft beer made by independent brewers.

But the real surprise to  me is that more than 1 in 5 pubs is now solely owned by a woman, and almost 1/3 of landlords under 35 are women. This really is good news, as publicans are traditionally men, or couples. Why is this sector so popular? Could be that a lot of women have done well in the city and have become fed up with the life, so are choosing to spend their savings and using their skills and hard work running a business that is theirs and can add something to the community.

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