Bath Pump Room

This is where visitors to the spa used to come in the mornings for a large drink of the famous waters. You can still try the stuff – tastes rather metallic, but I’ve had worse. Cheltenham water is said to be truly awful. This is now an upmarket tea room, and if you are lucky you can be serenaded by a string quartet. It’s a lovely bright place with the original pump in place and in many ways has not changed.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

the famous pump with thirsty fish

My beautiful picture

The room in its Georgian heyday

My beautiful picture

The famous clock by Tompion

My beautiful picture

Statue of Beau Nash, first MC and in charge of social activity in the city. He made his living from tips and gambling

My beautiful picturePortrait of Ralph Allen, who developed the Bath stone quarries, and made his fortune by improving the postal system which had previously meant all post went via London .He was also a famous benefactor of the arts and local charities such as the mineral water hospital. His grand mansion at Prior Park just outside the city is now a school

2 thoughts on “Bath Pump Room

  1. When I tasted it, it did taste truly dreadful – a hideous sulphur taste as well as the metallic tang. But then a year or so later they stopped everyone from drinking it, so guess there may have been some health and safety “issues” (gulp!). Glad it’s drinkable again.


    • It doesn’t taste great, but then I grew up being force fed bright orange spring water which my mother insisted would make us big and strong. Still waiting for that one. I like being able to have the whole experience.


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