This is some more from the wonderful 1913 book, The Servantless Household. Some are funny or quaint, some still work.

Don’t allow your hands to be stained, but if dirty, rub them with a piece of raw potato or slice of lemon

Don’t allow hands that have touched the horse, the motor, or the boy’s head to have access to your bread [I guess this suggests the delivery boy has nits] But Ask the baker to deliver bread cased in a paper bag

Don’t put much blacking on boots, it cracks them. Do use much light elbow-grease

Don’t allow your butter to turn soft, but place it under an inverted flower pot which has been thoroughly wetted and butter will keep firm in the hottest weather.

Don’t forget to have a ‘baby’ sweeper in each of your principlal rooms stowed in a corner, so as instantly to sweep up any mud, dust, crumbs etc. They cost a couple of shillings each and make nice toys,

Don’t throw away banana peel, but clean brown boots with the inside of the peel.

Don’t throw away the stones of dates, but plant them in pots and raise palms.

Don’t throw away any orange peel, but dry it and use it as a fire reviver.

Don’t throw away any egg because it has cooked too much, but hold it under the cold water tap and it will soften from sheer fright.

Don’t be downhearted if you cannot afford to buy a knife cleanig machine, but stick your knives imply in the earth; they will clean themselves and if you have no garden a flowerpot of earth will do.

Don’t be without a bottle of lime-water and linseed oil on the kitchen shelf. But if you have a burn or scald, shake the bottle and apply instantly.

Don’t read too many cookery or house-keeping books or your thoughts will get muddled; there are so many different ways of doing things.

Don’t scrape off mud from clothes or boots with a knife, but brush off with the edge of a penny,a bad penny will do quite well for the purpose.

Don’t send your clock to the clockmaker because it has stopped, but soak a piece of cotton-wool in paraffin and put it in the cock case for a week. It will clean the clock from all dust through the fumes.

If you swallow a fish bone at once drink lemon juice or vinegar or any acid which will disslve the fish bone. [how much would this take?]

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