Shanghai On the Thames

Here’s the latest problem to surface in these isles, but is surprisingly not getting any news coverage, despite most of the media being in London, and UKIP being very anti immigration.

Across the city huge tower blocks are going up in the face of fierce opposition from planners, architects and local people. Mayor Boris Johnston has been accosted on the campaign trail for allowing neighbourhoods to be destroyed, rapper Kate Tempest is complaining about losing her neighbourhood, Stephen Fry is campaigning to save Soho, Madness are upset about the destruction of the Liberty of Newton Folgate – where a whole suburb will be replaced by a single building, and the huge and wonderful art deco Earls Court Exhibition Centre has been lost, all to be replaced by luxury apartments for the Chinese.

Across London the landscape is being redrawn, with the risks of wind tunnels instead of streets, because Tory cutbacks are forcing local councils to allow these hugely inappropriate developments, making Londoners homeless, in addition to the endless march of rent rises.

Ah, yes, but this has been going on for decades, but into on such a gigantic scale. This is forcing London workers to search further afield to find housing, causing a domino effect on housing and services in the provinces and overstretching our road and rail network. It is also the reason for the HS2 disaster- to allow even more commuters to work in London. London is meant to be a capital city, and gets massive funding for its arts, but most Britons cannot afford to go there.

Why have all your London journalists failed to notice this? Apart from Labour’s plan to ban non-doms, why is this not on the election agenda? Why is UKIP ranting about hoardes of Europeans but not of Chinese? Does their money make them invisible?

Is there any sort of endgame in sight here? Will London end up being completely free of anyone but mega rich? and if so, who will work for them? Recent surveys have bemoaned how few local people visit London’s art galleries and museums. Is it any wonder? How many of them are left?

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