Time Stops in South Wales

This is from yesterday’s i newspaper, another example of the public sector cutbacks, and a sad reminder of how it is affecting our public spaces.

“Time has come to a standsill in Swansea, after a clock-keeper retired last week.

David Mitchell, 72, the official horologist and only fellow of the British Horological Institute in south wales, turned 8 of the city’s landmark clocks to 12 o’clock after bidding faewell to a 30 year career. No one has yet been secured to replace Mr Mitchell, leading him to hald the clocks for safety concerns. “I stopped the clocks … on Saturday. I didn’t want the weights falling over on the pulley systems. Swansea has stopped,” said Mr Mitchell, who used to maintain 16 clocks in his role.

Clocks continuously pointing to midnight or midday include those at the Guildhall and /st Mary’s church. “I was emotional doing my last rounds – except that I was angry with the council I even offered to do another year until it was resolved,” he said.

Swansea council said it was in the process of offering a new contract t Mr Mitchell so “the clocks can be started up” and ” continue to be maintaned for the next 12 months”

Great, but then what?

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