Interesting Parents

The other day on Radio6 they had a feature on interesting things that happened to listeners’ parents. Here’s two of them

A father told of how his car broke down, so had to hitch a ride to the nearest phone box to call for help. He was picked up by Noddy Holder driving with Norman Wisdom as passenger. They stopped off at a pub on the way and Noddy bought him a pie and pint.

Better yet, a father used to work at the beatles’ apple hq and didn’t bother to go up on the roof the day of the big concert – didn’t think it would be much. But he also told of how a memo came from George Harrison informing staff that the Hells Angels would be staying in the basement for a while, on their way to sort things out in Czechoslovakia. He urged staff to be patient with them and not to ‘uptight them’. As if anyone would dare.


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