Russia and History

Amidst all the sabre rattling coming from Russia, claiming it is following its own history, it is worth remembering a few rather important moments from the past.
Russia was one of the most backward countries in the Northern Hemisphere when Peter the Great became ruler. They had lots of natural resources, but they had no technology. Peter’s thinking was, that if you build a mill, you can divert the river to drive it later. That’s why he came to Britain to learn how to build a modern navy, so he worked on the ships at Woolwich, though being about 6 foot 6 he was soon recognised. So his country gained much from English technology.

The defining moment in Australia’s early history, a date commemorated with an annual holiday of remembrance, was the ANZAC soldiers landing at Gallipoli to keep access to the Mediterannean for the Russians. A lot of Australians and other British troops died to defend this access.

And this is a rather surreal, coals-to-Newcastle picture, of the British Women’s Institute making fur coats for the Russians during the Second World War:
fur coats 4 russia shr 20

I wonder if Putin knows this?

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