Old Skull Found in Israel

This is a pretty amazing discovery from i’s science editor, Steve Connor, as one of the biggest debates in our ancestry is how our race became dominant over the Neanderthals. Did we wipe out the more primitive species, or did they just fade away?

“The partial skull of an anatomically-modern human who lived alongside the Neanderthals about 55,000 years ago has been unearthed from a cave in Israel…

It is one of the oldest non-african skulls of Homo sapiens and comes close to the date when modern humans migrated out of Africa, eventually to colonise [the rest of the world]. The remains were found in Manot Cave in Galilee.

“It has been suspected that modern man and Neanderthals were in the same place at the same time, but we didn’t have the physical evidence. Now we do have it,” said Bruce Latimer, a palaeontologist at Case Western Reserve University in the US.

Professor Chris Stringer, of he Natural Histoy Museum in London, said the remains “might represent some of the elusive first migrants in the hypothesised out-of-Africa event about 60,000 years ago.”

Or maybe one of the local politicians has gone missing.


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