Cricketers and Ghosts

I’ve always thought that sports people are a rather sensible lot, but I guess there’s always an element of luck in what they do, which may leave them open to superstition. But here’s a small article from yesterday’s I that made me wonder what’s going on in cricket:

“Pakistan cricketer Haris Sohail was left “visibly shaken” ager a ghostly encounter in a New Zealand hotel room. Sohail… ran away from what he described as a “Supernatural presence” which shook his bed at the Rydges Latimer hotel in Christchurch, taking refuge in the room of a team coach.

Sohail appeared “shaken and feverish” ad team manager Maveed Akram Cheeva tried to persuade him the fever may have caused a nightmare, but the player insisted his experience was supernatural. The hotel’s management says it knew of “no active ghost” on the premises.” Well, they would, wouldn’t they? but to continue…

Pakistan media reported that the all-rounder was so “traumatised” by the experience that he missed a warm-up match against a New Zealand President’s XI.

England bowler Stuart Broad switched rooms at London’s Langham Hotel last year after the lights and taps in his room came on of their own accord, while Australia’s Shane Watson had to share with a team-mate after he thought a ghost visited his room at Lumley Castle near Durham. ”

What are they feeding these guys? Too much cheese?

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