Posted in December 2014

Empty Streets

While the centre of town is packed with shoppers the student area looks like the end of the world, just their rubbish left. Spooky!

Prayer or Spell?

“I Bind unto myself the Name The Strong Name of the Trinity By invocation of the same The Three in One and the One in Three” This looks to me like a spell bit it is from St Patrick’s breast plate, part of  the modern Anglican service. As Eamon Duffy writes in Stripping of the … Continue reading

Rogation Celebrations

Where this survives, it is a walk of the boundaries, of the parish, but it used to be far more important. They rang bes to scare devils away. It was to ensure fertility if the fields, established Connections between heaven & their parish, and by walking with neighbours gave a chance to settle disputes, forgive … Continue reading

Benefactions to Bridges

I love bridges & a lot of my blogs feature th In the book stripping the altars Ramon Duffy notes how many people left money or property in their wills to maintain roads & bridges, putting them on a par with caring & feeding the poor. This seems a bit odd, but poor had to … Continue reading

Pride or Gluttony

The bread that was blessed for communion used to be baked by wives following a rota, then divided & allicatwd according to each person’s status in the community. In Lincoln 1518 John Kareles was denounced by neighbours for taking too large a piece of the holy loaf. He was not accused of gluttony but of … Continue reading

Hands on Wall

When I was at university the climbing club painted some duck footprints going up the outside of the senate house. The vice Chancellor demanded they came down so the following night a set of prints were added coming down This is near Liverpool Lime Street station, and I suspect students have been here and that … Continue reading

Reading Pavements

The main shopping street in Gloucester where the market s used to be have a number of narrow alleyways off them, with these mosaics showing the types of business that used to be there. Great fun & good work for artists making them.

Multiple Time Zones

In a world where most of us don’t know what day it is half the time, it’s impressive that in the Middle Ages, Europe operated in several time zones simultaneously. Following on from the book Keeping Time, which dealt with early notions of time keeping, here’s something from Stripping of the Altars, which describes a … Continue reading

Witchcraft in Christianity

Much of written history is about how the great and good control and manipulate the poor, but the more interesting parts are when the apparently ignorant and powerless make use of what they are given to create something very different. In the book ‘The Stripping of the Altars, Traditional Religion in England 1400-1580 by Eamon … Continue reading