Punishing a Corpse

This is more from The rise & fall of the house if Medici:

Following the murder of Giuliano & attempt on his brother Lorenzo, DW Medici:

“Jacopo de’Pazzi, so overcome by despair at the failure if the plot that he boxed his own ears and threw himself on the floor in despair and rage, managed to escape (Florence) to the village of Castagno; but the villagers recognised him and brought him back to Florence, where, after being tortured  he was stripped naked and strung from a window… Later , he was buried in Santa Croce; but the people, blaming him for the recent heavy rains upon his evil spirit, dug up the body and threw it into a ditch in an apple orchard.

From here it was later removed, to be dragged through the streets by a mob  shouting ‘Make way for the great knight!’ It was then propped against the door of the Pazzi Palace where, to the accompaniment of obscene jokes and cries of ‘Open! Your master wishes to enter!’ , its decomposing head used as a knocker.

Eventually, the putrid corpse was thrown into the Arno from which it was fished by a gang of children who strung it up on the branch of a willow tree, flogged it, and tossed it back into the water.

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