Opposition To Henry

I was surprised at the apparent lack of opposition to the religious reforms in England, but opposing the king was treason, so few dared speak out. There were many clerics who argued in favour of traditional religion, some churches refused to take down shrines or put them back after hiding them. Pilgrimages continued in some places, and there was the famous Pilgrimage of Grace in the north that saw leaders executed.
Claims were made by reformers of churches conning the poor out of their money, but collections of relics seem to have been mostly things to help women in labour, so destroying them took away the main means for the common people to try to help themselves deal with pain, sickness and death, so it all seems incredibly cruel.

As a scientist I should mock such folk beliefs, but anyone who has known pain knows how lonely it can be,  and in the absence of modern medicine, faith may be all that was left to people then.


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