The Periodic Table in Song

Gideon Coe has a great evening show in 6 music, and by his own admission, much of he best stuff comes from listeners. Someone told him that the commonest element in songs is silver. Which made me wonder, who counted them, is this of songs ever written, or in this year’s pop charts? I would have thought gold would have been more common, but then Gid did a bit of homework and thought that it might be a good thing to have a show devoted to the periodic table which may or may not work, but then he opened the floodgates by suggesting his horribly mispronounced Molybdenum might not feature in a lot of songs, so listeners barraged him with all the other elements that probably don’t get used – though of course they are all in the Tom Lehrer song- they probably get name checks in songs by They Might be Giants, but I think Gid’s show may be a rather small one, but then, he has a pretty clever audience, so it might be one of the most interesting one ever.

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