A Curious Clock

This is from John Evelyn’s Diary, February 1655. I love his spelling:

“I was shew’d a table clock whose ballance was onely a chrystall ball sliding on parallel wyers without being at all fixed, but rollng from stage to stage till falling on a spring conceal’d from sight, it was throwne up to the upmost channel againe, made with an imperceptible declivity, in this continual vicissitude of motion prettily entertaining the eye every halve minute, and the next halfe giving progress to the hand that shew’d the houre, and giving notice by a small bell so as in 120 half minutes, or periods of the bullet’s falling on the ejaculatorie spring, the clock part struck. This very extraordinary piece (richly adorn’d) had been presented by some German Prince to our late King, and was in the possession of the Usurper, valu’d at £200.”

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