Obvious Child

The American media seems able to deal with suicides, mass killings, apocalypses, but seems terrified to deal with one of the commonest personal events of modern times: that of abortion. Whether we are dealing with Sex and the City, Frasier or recent films like Juno, the ‘a’ world just doesn’t get mentioned. It is generally assumed this is a desire not to cause offence, but Judd Apatow claims this is not so, but that such a film would only be ’15 minutes long’ but a murder or a car crash is even quicker and they seem to feature as a matter of course. Apatow is just being lazy, as this film shows.

Though adapted from a short, and here it is still only 85 minutes long, it is incredibly funny and clever, with great acting from the lead, Jenny Slate apparently known for Saturday Night Live, who accidentally gets pregnant with Max, played by Jake Lacy, and immediately decides to get rid of it. She is young, single, and just lost her job and her boyfriend. She is in no position to become a mother, and there is no great agonising over it. Which, far from being irresponsible, is incredibly sensible and adult. It is a rom-com, but the characters have the bottle to say they hate the genre. Of course they do.

Director/writer Gillian Robespierre is definitely one to watch, as is the rest of the small but well chosen cast.

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