Posted in October 2014

Grand Central Bazaar, Liverpool

Grand Central Bazaar, Liverpool

I stumbled across this extraordinary building, which is listed and very big. Now a rabbit warren of small alt shops- books, clothes, records etc but originally a Wesleyan chapel. The interiors are from a nightclub that went bankrupt. There are student flats upstairs. Sadly there are a lot of weeds in the roof too.

Liverpool Light Ship

Liverpool Light Ship

I seem to find these in every port. This was only decommissioned in 1989. Apparently there are still unmanned ones round the coast of Britain where it’s too dangerous to build lighthouses. I am impressed with the many uses they are being put to. This is being converted to a club, it’s now a small … Continue reading

Old Blind School, Liverpool

Old Blind School, Liverpool

This huge building was funded by blind poet, republican & antislavery campaigner Edward Rushton in 1791. He was blinded helping infected slaves on board a ship. The blind were taught brush making, basket weaving, piano tuning & reading Braille. The kids used to slide down the bannisters. It has since been police HQ& Trade union … Continue reading

Missing his Wife

Here’s a truly bizarre way to grieve for a departed partner. From the Chester Chronicle of May 1775, an extract of a letter from a gent in London to his friend in this city: “Mr Van Butcher, a celebrated dentist, had the misfortune about 5 months ago to lose his wife, form whom he had … Continue reading

Market Fee for Wife Sale

This is from the Brighton Herald, May 1826: Brighton Mary records of may 1826 Mr Hilton of Lodesworth publicly sold his wife for 30s upon which the toll of 1 shilling was paid. The matter came to the notice of the magistrates, who sent for the toll collector to justify his strange conduct in charging … Continue reading

20g For a Wife

Here’s another northern wife sale from vol 1 of old Yorkshire: “On 4 February, 1808 a man called George Gunthorm of Patrington sold his wife in the market place of Hull for the sum of 20g and with a halter delivered her to a person named ?Hoyena “

The Cost of Wife Selling

I just found some articles from volume 1of Old Yorkshire: “At the West Riding sessions of December 28, 1835… a man named Joshua Jackson was convicted of selling his wife & sentenced to imprisonment for 1 month with hard labour”

Collectors and Collections

This is from Patrick Mauries’ wonderful, richly illustrated book ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ which is brilliant: “The story of cabinets of curiosities is above all that of a handful of figures scattered throughout the length and breadth of Europe in the age of the Baroque. John Tradescant and Elias Ashmole in Oxford, Addrovandi and Manfredo Settala … Continue reading

20,000 Days on Earth

This is a sort-of biography of Nick Cave, ex Brithday Party, Bad Seed, Grinderman and, well, rock icon. It is shaped as if it is a day in his life, but it is far more complex than that. It begins with him lying in bed waiting for the alarm clock to go. He emerges, in … Continue reading

The Gleaners & I

This is an extraordinarily intelligent and insightful film by Agnes Varda who, as the title suggests, is a gleaner herself, who travels across France in search of people who survive on what the world leaves behind. She begins with paintings showing women – they were always women – picking up the sheaves of grain after … Continue reading