An Unmissable Show

This is the only account I’ve found for this so doubt it was much of a crowd puller. It is perhaps of more interest for the fact that it existed at all. This is from the Bath Journal of 1773:

This is to acquaint the curious, that there is to be seen at the Wheatsheaf, Stall St, NEVILLE’S GRAND MACHINERY; where those who are endowed with the noble Spirit of Curiosity, and all Lovers of sound Ingenuity, may have the Pleasure of seeing this Wonderful Piece of Work, which may be called the WONDER of the WORLD, the like Performance was never yet exhibited to public view; which is now brought to perfection, and by virtue of al all the Mechanical Powers, upwards of three Thousand different Movements, and by Figures 1 Foot and a half high, working as natural as Life, which represent all the different Branches of the WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, from the Sheep’s back to the making and dressing a piece of Cloth and Stuff. This Curious Piece of Work has had the Honour to be shewn to their MAAJESTIES with the greatest Satisfaction – This delightful Piece of At is allowed by the Best Judges to be the greatest Curiosity ever offered to the Public. one of the wonders of the world, 3000+ moving parts, movements of a woollen manufactory*

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