A Lecture on Heads

This is one of the most misleading titles for a travelling show, from the Bath Journal of 1773. It seems to be based on an earlier show, which lasted 4 hours unscripted, doing impersonations of various types of people – showing us how bland we have become. But this seems to be the dawn of impersonations, so stand up comedy; the fact that this show was followed by something similar by Charles Dibdin, the original blackface comic, and author of the most influential play in abolition, The Padlock, so this is a fascinating piece of early entertainment history.

Exhibition room, in bond St – this present Monday Evening the 16th inst, will be deliver’d (for the Fourth Time) a New Comic and Satyric DISSERTATION upon HEADS, in 4 parts by the author J Collins, in which not a single character will be introduced from George Alex Stevens lecture; the Exhibitor’s plan and principle subjects being chiefly confined to Orators and Oratory,
Authors, Jinglers, Slip Slops, Editors, Bellowers, Mal-aprops, Commentators, Growlers, Cockneys, Critics, Lispers, Scotch Rhetoricians, Hypercritics, Satmmerers, Welch Elocutionist, Pedants, Snufflers, Irish Occasioners, Word Grubbers, Droners, Lancashire Boors, Pedagogues,& their pupils, Methodist Preachers, West country Bumpkins, Strolling Players, Old Women, Poetasters, Traveling Lecturers, Story-Tellers, Senseless readers, English Frenchmen, Lawyers and Monotonist, French Englishmen, Lawyers
to begin precisely at 7 o’clock. Admittance ½ crown

Sounds like a real bargain.

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