Oxford Students, early 1700s

This is some more from Hudson’s English History A Compendium:

This is a typical day for students in the early 1700s:

Rise before dawn

6am Public Latin prayers


A walk with my friends, half an hour

Study of the minor prophets

Study of the poem of Tograeus

9am Study of Philosophy

10am To my tutor, Mr Pelling, who expounds some portion of Philosophy to me and my friends

11am Luncheon

with my friends to coffee house, where we will discuss public affairs

1pm Study of the Koran

4pm Study of Aristotle’s Rhetoric

6pm Dinner

Read Horace’s Odes or Martial’s epigrams, or mix with my friends in a sociable way

9pm Public Latin Prayers. In the morning we pray for success upon our doings, and in the evening we return thanks for such success as has been secured.


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