In London’s Pillories, 1419

This is a selection of crimes from the wonderful compendium, Hudson’s English History. Most of them were for selling mouldy meat:

– Pretending to be a sheriff’s serjeant,, meeting the bakers of Stratforde, and placing them under arrest until they had paid a fine
– Selling 2 stinking capons
-Selling a putrid pigeon,
-Pretending to be a Summoner of the Archbishop, and summoning the Prioress of Clerkenwell, as also for pretending to be a Purveyor for the king
– Selling oats, good on the outside but the rest bad
– certain bakers who had holes in their tables called moldyngbordes, by means whereof they stole their neighbours dough
– taking away a child, to go begging with them
– Begging under false pretences,
– Practicing the art of black magic
– For placing a piece of iron in a loaf of bread
– False bowstrings
– Feigning self as a holy hermit


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