Here’s a clip of the silver swan by JJ Merlin I mentioned in an earlier post. It used to play music, and had a canopy and a few other trimmings. The importance of such creations is not just about trying to mimic life; you have to study it and understand in great depth how nature works. so with them you see a fusion of life and mechanism:

This is a clip of the writing automata by Jaquet-Droz and Mailladet. It was found in a poor state,given to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia; when they got it working, it wrote the name of its maker. This automaton was the  inspiration for the book which led to the  film Hugo by Martin Scorsese. The magic of science and art. 

And here’s an original piece by Jaquet-Droz which looks a bit less scary and robo cop like. Made in 1774. Incredible. 


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