An Irish Clock

John Wesley was with his brother Charles, the founder of Methodism, but he is les well known for his interest in technology and science. This is from his journal.

“On Monday April 27 1762, being at Lurgan in Ireland, I embraced the opportunity which I had long desired, of talking to Mr Miller, the contriver of that statue which was in Lurgan when I was there before. It was the figure of an old man standing in a case, with a curtain drawn before him, over against a clock, which stood on the opposite side of the room. Every time the clock struck, he opened the door with one hand, drew back the curtain with the other, turned his head as if looking round on the company, and then said, with a clear, loud, articulate voice, past one, or two or three and so on. But so many came to see this (the like of which all allowed was not to be seen in Europe that Mr Miller was in danger of being ruined, not having time to attend to his own business. So as none offered to purchase it or reward him for his pains, he took the whole machine to pieces.”


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