Learning From Herring Gulls

I really hate these creatures, or at least I hate what pur overfishing has made them. A while back I did a post on an injured one in Penzance. A few days back I had a strange encounter.

Of was late and I was watering my plants when a noisy group of gulls swept in over the garden & a young one almost crash landed on me. He just sat in the long grass looking stupid. I asked him what he thought he was doing but of course he didn’t reply. I shouted at him, waved my as. No response. Eventually he moved, bit was clearly injured, could barely walk. I felt bad about my meanness, but it was cleat his own were worse- they had driven h out. He tried digging on the undergrowth, them moved deeper onto the brambles. Like the gull in Penzance, he seemed to know his time was up. No cries of pain, just acceptance.
The past week the house of lords has been debating whether to allow terminally I’ll to be helped to die. There have been hysterical cries of slippery slopes and thin edges of wedges, bit I often think people are denied letting nature take its course. Maybe we can learn from those feathered banshees.

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