A Pilgrimage

I don’t do religion, but am in awe of the many who change the world for the better, and that often includes believers. One of my all-time heroes is John Wesley, founder with his brother Charles, of Methodism, widely considered to have prevented a French style revolution in these isles. John was the greatest traveller in Britain in the 18th century, educating healing & feeding the poor when the established church did little.
My first published article was on the New Room in Bristol, a beautiful, light chapel with work rooms above, hodden away in the central, miraculously survived the blitz & developers.
So I finally got to visit the first chapel – or at least its site, on City Road in London.


This is a memorial to their first chapel the foundary.


Stained glass skylight


The chapel from the 19th century

And the tomb of John. His mother Susannah is buried over the road in Bunhill (bonehill) Fields.


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