London Earth Moving

Britain’s biggest engineering project at present is the Crossrail project, digging a tunnel to link up parts of the huge underground train system. But where does all the earth go?

This is from an article by travel writer Simon Calder in the i newspaper:

“Big Barges laden with mud from the project sail daily from the capital down the Thames and around to the River Crouch. Their contents are unceremoniously dumped on an island across from pretty Burnham. It lies amid the indistinct, muddy blur between Essex and estuary. But within a decade it is intended to become a tourist attraction. The island is being built up and will then be flooded with sea water to become one of the biggest wetland reserves in Europe. ”

This sounds like altruism, and expensive at that, but the huge quantities fo mud have to go somewhere, and the cost of land near London is too high to be piled up locally, landfill is at a premium, so no joy there either, but by creating wetlands it adds to our coastal defences, so digging holes for trains can help protect us from the effects of global warming.

Clever stuff!

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