Posted in June 2014

The Birth of the Landship

This is from the i newspaper, with another reason for the ending of the Second World War: “The tank was the British military’s response to the stalemate of trench warfate. Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, was an early supporter of the idea, setting a committee to look into it in February 1915. … Continue reading

The Dawn of Gas

Throughout human history, light has been crucial to humans – whether¬†lack of natural sunlight preventing crops growing, or light to work and read. People had to make do with oil lamps or rushes dipped in fat, or the more expensive candles, the finest of which were made of beeswax, and in buildings that could afford … Continue reading

The Bellman

In the age before newspapers, official announcements and important news was anounced by the town crier, or Bellman, who would call out the information at certain places throughout the town or city, often the market place and crossroads etc. They were paid for the local council who also paid for his uniform of tricorn hat … Continue reading

What Women Couldn’t Do

An old Votes for Women poster reads: ‘What a Woman may be, and yet not have the vote: female mayor, nurse, mother, doctor or teacher, and factory-hand; what a man may have been, & yet not lose the Vote: convict, lunatic, proprietor of white slaves, unfit for service and drunkard’. ¬† The following is from … Continue reading

Modern Witchcraft

Woman hounded over ‘gecko baby’ A woman has been accused of witchcraft after allegedly giving birth to a gecko. Debi Nubatonis from Oenuntono was threatened by a mob after her midwife filed a report at the local health centre, claiming she had given birth to the reptile. Officials have been sent in to clear up … Continue reading

Press Hands to Say Goodbye

We all know how the second world war ended, but there has always been a lot of vagueness as to why and how the First ended. I have heard of the effect of the British Naval Blockade starving the Germans into submission, some mention the invention of tanks, others sheer exhaustion on both sides, while … Continue reading

Newspapers versus Journalism

Early, ie 17th century, newspapers were pretty hard reads – a list of major events, with no explanation or comment, and often controlled by or owned by the political elite. But as Europeans became more wealthy, they became curious about the world around them, so by the turn of the century, a need for more … Continue reading


This film by Maxine Trump is about the efforts NY Greenpeace to save southern Alaskan rainforest from  being cleat felled to extinction, and approaches some of the major guitar makers for help. The bulk of the ancient logs go to make furniture in Asia, buy guitar boards need very old spruce, so they went fact … Continue reading

Strange Science

The BBC has just screened ‘The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins, about the language research conducted by psychologist John Lilley. He set up a laboratory pm St Thomas to investigate dolphin communication, partly funded by NASA and linked to CETI, to explore inter species communication. He had a colleague working on communication between dolphins, by … Continue reading