Jazz Met Pop

Jazz is generally seen as having gone out of fashion long before pop got going, if in fact it is conceded it was ever in fashion. But there have been some rather interesting  connections, perhaps the most important & interesting being the late Humphrey Lyttleton.

I loved his wonderful sense of humour as chairman of the radio quiz ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’. This is from Bob Stanley again:

‘On VE Day 1945 he was inadvertently recorded by the BBC playing his trumpet while sitting on a wheelbarrow -the recording is still in their archive. His ‘Out of the Galleon’ was one of the 1st 4 7inch singles released in Britain; his ‘Bad Penny Blues’ was Joe Meek’s 1st hit single in 1956; he part owned the 100 Club on Oxford St, home to the fire starting Punk Rock Festival in September ’76; and he played on & arranged ‘Life in a Glasshouse’ for Radiohead’s Amnesiac album in 2001.’

Eclectic doesn’t come close

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