Not In ‘Deliverance’

In a recent interview on NPR Jack White mentioned he had some hunting records. Now, I thought he meant hunting songs, or something similar, but he was referring to records of birds -and animals? – that were used to attract them to hunters. He specifically mentioned a record of the sounds of injured crows that he liked.

He loved the idea of people – ie men – going out into the wilds, the wilderness, just them against the elements, pitting their wits and bodies against god only knows what, but with a record player. Not an MP3 player or whatever, but one of those big heavy windup gramophone doohickeys.

But more – it also means that someone had gone into the wilds with that same heavy cumbersome equipment to record them in the first place, and the fact that they exist means that there was a significant market for these sound recordings.

So, I now have an image of hardy American woodsmen tracking through the woods accompanied by – what – a child or minion – with this windup record player and big speaker thingy.

It never happened in Deliverance.


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