This obscure little gem of an indy movie deserves more recognition than its slot on the library shelf.

Perhaps held back by being in Welsh and Spanish doesn’t help, but that is at the heart of the film. It is actually two completely separate stories, one of a young Welsh woman who accompanies her boyfriend photographing Welsh chapels in Patagonia; along the way, they are driven by Matthew Rhys, and while discussing a fable about two men who fall in love with the same woman, a similar situation begins to develop between them.

The other story is an old woman whose mother left Wales pregnant with her, so she sets off with her grandson to have an eye operation but instead, they go on a road trip – by public transport of course – to find the place of her ancestry.

Both stories are wonderfully told and acted, the strange interweaving of the two languages works well, and the atmosphere of both places is well caught. Thereis much about these women trying to find their way in life, but it is also about their reactions with others, so by focusing on their stories, we are cleverly being told a much bigger story, of people in the widest sense.

I also find this film interesting in terms of the debate of gender equality in film. This was written and produced by a man, and the actors are fairly evenly balanced, including a small part by Welsh popstress Duffy. It is about two women, but so well done that you don’t realise this is a women’s film, just as many of Ray Bradbury’s stories are fiction that happens to be science, rather than sci fi per se.

Well worth tracking down.

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