Offensive Aramaic

Last Sunday, Cerys Matthews on her 6 music broadcast, was talking of a musician whose work she was a big fan of and wanted to play it on the show. But she was told that it contained offensive material, though what this was she did not know.

I can understand how the BBC does not wish to offend anyone, but for heaven’s sake! How many fluent Aramaic speakers are there on this planet, never mind the small group of music geeks that listen to her show. She wanted to know if anyone out there could translate for her, but this was a moot point as she could not play it for them to explain it.

The language of Jesus is not likely to cause offence, and knowing it is banned makes me want to hear it. There are rules, and there is common sense. The BBC seems obsessed with the former and devoid of the latter.


2 thoughts on “Offensive Aramaic

  1. it does make you curious as to what it was though…no one wants to be the target of a jihad and some people of the Islamic persuasion lack a sense of proportion. Perhaps it said, in Aramaic, that Mohammed was a bit of a shit.


  2. I think Aramaic predates Islam, so not sure on that. Probably something racist – one of the verses of the French anthem has the line the blood of the infidels will fertilise our fields. Not one to be singing in the UN I am sure.


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